IP Office Suite

Cloud Based Enterprise Communications

IP Office Suite cloud-based business phone system is both hosted and managed. This means that you do not need to house the phone system in a closet onsite. Instead, the system is located in our secure data centers, and we take responsibility for owning, configuring and managing it. River Networks customers can connect through existing Internet service or connect to the system through private connections for the best call quality and reliability. The benefits of a cloud-based phone system are plentiful, and we encourage every business to consider the cloud.

IP Office Suite capabilities leverage the power of VoIP to integrate communication tasks. Built on our brilliantly simple business VoIP phone system, IP Office Suite brings together VoIP telephony, instant messaging, conferencing, mobility, presence, and collaboration capabilities into a seamless business environment.

IP Office Suite with built-in unified communications (UC) lets both on-site and remote users see who is available at any given moment, and decide how best to reach them. With less time spent playing phone-tag, everyone has more time for the real business at hand.
Total Control & Mobile Freedom

IP Office Suite gives you total control of communications through our intuitive control panel and mobile apps. Control, call, manage presence, chat with coworkers, manage caller ID.

River Networks Help Desk Portal is a key part of IP Office Experience. At a time when most companies are making it more difficult to reach a live person for customer support, River Networks remains committed to a fully managed solution for our customers our Help Desk Portal. HD Portal makes it easy to interact with a customer support expert. Want to know how to use a specific feature, or how to use VoIP to improve operations? Just ask. We not only provide direct support for end-users, we make it easier than ever to do so. That saves you time and money and frees up resources to focus on your business.

  • Administer Changes Simply and Easily - with our web-based management portal that centralizes all system administration.
  • Make Sure Calls Get To The Right Place - with unlimited auto attendants and call routing options.
  • Send Calls Anywhere - to voicemail, to a co-worker, to an auto-attendant or to another phone or location.
  • Let Employees Move Offices - even between locations, without IT support, turning any phone into their own.
  • Give Office Extensions A Mobile Twin - with OfficeSuite’s leading VoIP technology, calls ring both in the office and on a cell phone when you wish. Pick up a cell phone call on a desk phone.
  • Make And Receive Calls Anywhere - our business VoIP system’s PC Softphone lets employees take the features of their office phone with them.
  • Improve Customer Service And Employee Skills - with OfficeSuite® ACD – a complete set of call center tools that don’t require any new investment of capital or new resources.
  • Get Voicemail Delivered - to you absolutely anywhere, on any device and under your control.
  • Integrate IP Office with IPads and iPhones - IP Office integrates with the latest Apps! From soft phones to CRM integration, we got an app for that…

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