Call Center Software in Chicago, Indianapolis, Columbus & beyond

Our call center software provides everything you need to run an effective inbound, outbound, or blended contact center. We include applications such as real-time and historical reporting, recording, workforce management, quality monitoring, CRM integrations, and more.
Intelligent Call Routing
Automatically and intelligently route calls to agents best suited to speak with each customer
Reporting & Analytics
Utilize real time and historical reports to enhance your ability to interact with customer’s and agents to reach your business goals
CRM Integration
Integrate with leading CRM’s like Salesforce, Netsuite, Sugar CRM, and more.

Business Features

Flexible Time-Based Call Routing
Built-In Conference Bridge
Fax to E-mail
Hunt/Ring Groups
Music on Hold
Voicemail Blasting
Find Me / Follow Me Calling
Personal IVRs
Wake Up Calls
Support for Video Calling
Secure Communications
AnnouncementsText to Speech
Calling Queues (ACD)
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Calling Features

Voicemail to E-mail
Caller ID Support
Call Transfer
Call Recording
Do Not Disturb
Call Waiting
Call History / Call Detail Records
Call Event Logging
Speed Dials
Caller Blacklisting
Call Screening

Telephony Support

Open Standards Support for
Multiple Protocols:
SIP, IAX2, PRI, T1, E1, J1, R2,
Softphone Support
Specialty Device Support
Door Phones
Overhead Paging
Strobe Alerts
Paging Gateways
Voice Gateways
Failover Devices
Desktop/Mobile Phone Support

Visualize your data. Our custom analytics to track your systems at large.

See the calls that really matter. View all your calls in real time with our performance metrics algorithm.

Reduce hold times for your callers straight from your website with express callback


Product Highlight – Express Call Back

Enable customers to quickly and easily click on your webpage and be connected to a live person within your organization or directly to a call center agent. Offer customers a virtual call-back system and let them fast-track the IVR with just one click.

Connects Easily:

With just a few lines of code, add a widget to your website that allows customers to request a call-back by a single click to call.

Works with Your Interactive Phone System:

Automatically navigate callers through the IVR based on their web context. No need to install additional hardware or software, its 100% cloud based.

Reduce Call Times:

 Pass customer information from web sessions to your agents and improve their efficiency.

Eliminate Hold Time:

Utilize the virtual web call back function to reduce hold time and eliminate queuing calls

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